Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Vintage Elf Kneehugger Collection

I finally put up our tree today and got out my elf collection. My latest elf (he's in the last row center - the one with the red shiny legs) was just purchased at a thrift in early December. There's a few imposters in the bunch, like the Santa and the Pez Elf.

My tree is bare bones really. I just didn't feel like digging out all the ornaments in all their little boxes this late in the game. Maybe next year I'll be on the ball when it comes time for Christmas. Last Christmas at my thrift I bought a bunch of Christmas trolls. I don't know where they are at. They have to be around here someplace. I know I didn't put them with the rest of the Christmas stuff.

And I was late again with mailing out Christmas cards. I got the handmade one from my friend Donna, so I have to post it. I think I've posted the last few cards she has sent me here on the blog. Which reminds me, she gave me a bunch of Stampin' Up stamps to sell on ebay for her and I haven't done it yet.

Almost forgot to mention it, but I actually have 2 trees up. Earlier in the week I was at VV and bought a bunch of stuff, including a small fiberoptic tree for $3. And I also bought 2 pairs of Uggs clogs for $3 a pair.

Today was the first yardsale in months and months that I did not go yardsaling (I don't think there were any).


Anonymous said...

HI Chris, I love your collection! I also collect pixies - kneehuggers, ceramics, etc. I don't know how (or if I can) post a pic of mine here, but I posted them on flickr (vintage Christmas 1945-1970 group) this morning and you can see them there. They are "staged" on a Starbucks wood Christmas tree, bought after Christmas a few years ago, for a grand price of $15.00. My favorite Christmas display! Love your blog and website and read on a regular basis - kayeca

Anonymous said...

I think you Ugg clogs will sell for big bucks on eBay....great find! Susan C

Anonymous said...

what is "VV"? I've been looking for a decent deal on Uggs for 2 years now. :(

Chris said...

VV = Vintage Value - the name of one of my fav thrift stores. At the top of the blog you'll see:

My name is Chris and I am addicted to going to yardsales, garage sales, thrift stores and bargain hunting in general. I also write about whatever else is on my mind. "Smile" and "VV" (Vintage Value) are the names of two thrift stores I regularly shop at.