Sunday, December 14, 2008

My freezer is beautiful

I did manage to find a few yardsales yesterday (and even one today!) but majority of my time yesterday was spent defrosting that beast of a freezer that's in the garage. You wouldn't think of defrosting a freezer as a good workout, but it is. I am sore today. Not kidding. Must have been all that bending and squatting and loading and reloading the empty freezer with pans of boiling hot water. And emptying buckets of chunks of ice and water etc. It was a good 6 hour job from start to finish. I even used one of those little electric freezer defrosting gadgets. I probably needed 10 of them.

But the freezer is beautiful now. My Cool Whips (all 4 of them) are all stacked nicely together. I have 12 packages of Perdue boneless chicken breasts, 2 turkey breasts, 1 spiral sliced ham and lots of blueberries (bought on sale at .99 a pint) and frozen veggies. Everything was bought on sale of course. Gonna eat up that ham soon. Like next week.

Well I think I learned my lesson about defrosting in a more timely manner. Could one of you remind me, say like in 5 years give or take, that I need to do it again?? :) It normally stays pretty semi-frost free, but what happens is, Jacob will go in and take out a popsicle and he's not real good about checking to make sure it's closed tightly. When it's left ajar, the ice accumulates quickly. So now I am pretty OCD about checking it every night to make sure it's closed good.

Early this morning was my special shopping opportunity at Staples to shop amongst other high-ranking premier customers such as myself. They had free donuts. I bought my youngest niece a Christmas present. I won't say what it is since I know she reads my blog from time to time (will post a pic after Xmas), but it's very ugly (in my opinion) and it's big and it was only .50 (on clearance). I think there's a chance she may like it. A slim chance, but a chance is a chance!

Will post pics of my yardsale buys tomorrow. I am DVR-ing Survivor, so I want to go watch it now.

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