Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Re-cap

This wasn't a typical Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend for me since we had family visiting. And we actually used the formal dining room. I have pictures as evidence(will add once I find my camera.) So what that I used my Corona beer bottle Salt & Pepper shakers. And my usual Black Friday shopping was a little different too since I had to be home by 9:30am (so the guys could go golfing - weather was ok for golf, in the 50's).

The best deals I found were to be had at CVS, using coupons and getting Extra Care Bucks. But I totally goofed up and didn't realize it was a two day sale, starting on Thanksgiving day. I would have gladly stopped peeling potatoes to make a run for CVS if I had studied the ads more closely. But overall, I did get some great bargains at CVS and made money on certain items since I had coupons. For instance, Maybelline makeup was $8.99 but I had a $3 coupon. So I paid $5.99 for it, but got the full $8.99 Extra Care Bucks to use on my next purchase. I did a bunch of deals like that.

Went to JC Penneys and got my free snowglobe. Then went to Target, Bath & Body Works, Walmart, BJ's Warehouse and CVS and made it home by 9:30am. Picked up Jacob (so the adult men could go golfing) and went back out to Walgreens, Radio Shack and to a pool table giveaway.

For the pool table giveaway, you had to be present to win. We already have a 8' slate table, but could use an upgrade. Went to the store and filled out the entry blank (one per person). Did a specific special fold to the paper and dropped in in the box. And waited a few minutes to the drawing. I counted about 40 adults in the room, so I had a 1 in 40 shot to win a pool table. The owner reaches in and grabs a ticket, a ticket that had a special fold to it. My heart starts beating faster. And the winner is....Jonathan so and so. Crap. But now that I know they give away a pool table every year, I have a year to clean out the clutter under our current pool table.

Radio Shack and Target was sold out of the sale items I wanted. Oh well, there will be more sales. I didn't buy much - some stuff at Bath & Body Works which I used coupons for, some $2 DVDs at Walmart, bread for turkey sandwiches. I usually stop at VV on Black Friday since they are open, but I didn't have time since I had to be home by 9:30 so the guys could go golfing and I would pick up Jacob. No way was I going to take Jacob out early Black Friday shopping. I saw parents with kids sleeping in strollers etc. I never needed to go retail shopping that bad where I had to take Jacob out early and deal with Black Friday crowds. Now yardsaling....well that is a different story.

I was interviewed last week for an article about yardsales that was published in today's Washington Post. You can read it here:
Washington Post

I am glad I filled up when I saw gas at $1.49 - as it turned out, that was a one day deal. It was back up to around $1.60 by the next day. Now it's around 1.80

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Anonymous said...

I tried once at JCpenny's to get a snowglobe. Got there right as they opened was like 15 in line, and they only had a handful to give out. I didn;t get one. I never tried going back after that.
I went to Walgreens this year- they had Webkinz buy one get one free.