Friday, November 14, 2008

My free Harry & David Tower of Treats

As if my house is not already chockful of 75% off Halloween candy along with other miscellaneous candy that I bought when Walgreens was clearancing a bunch of stuff, I'll be getting a free Harry & David Tower of Treats soon (a $19.95 value) courtesy of Staples. It was a coupon that came in the mail a while ago and since it is expiring at the end of the month, I used it today. More stuff I need to eat before I start my diet.

Because I spent so much at Staples last year - (I recycled hundreds of inkjet cartridges at $3 a piece), I'm considered a "premier" customer and get free shipping on all my orders at Doesn't matter if I order a single sharpie or a computer desk, I get it shipped free. I think that premier status will be going away though since in order to maintain that status, you have to spend $1000 every year at Staples. Haven't done that this year.

I bought a .99 item today at and used the coupon code for the free Harry & David Tower of Treats. My total came to $1.05 with tax.

Been rainy here in Maryland. Supposed to be windy and rainy tomorrow. I haven't checked the newspaper yet, but I may actually stay home and not go to yardsales tomorrow. Less than 2 weeks til the in-laws arrive so I got some major cleaning to do.


Anonymous said...

I have heard of others that recycle the ink cartridges - where do you get them?

Chris said...

I used to buy empty inkjet cartridges all the time on ebay (by the hundreds) and then recycle them at Staples. Staples changed their policy on the quantity of inkjets that can be recycled so I don't do it as often.