Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh look, a shiny penny....and an ear tube (not too gross I hope)

The penny did not come out of my ear the other day, but the little black ear tube did. I was having trouble with my ears a while back - long story short - I had tubes put in my ears about 2 years ago. One tube came out a while ago and the other day the ear doctor removed this tube which was laying in my ear canal. He cleaned it off and let me have it. I just put it on a penny to give an idea of it's size. Oh I need help with clutter and letting go of stuff or what???? Maybe I'll put it with my retainer and metal braces, which I still have, of course.

Went to 3 yardsales today. Bought stuff at all three. Nothing too exciting. One non-yardsale made me mad. I saw it advertised for today as Rain or Shine. I get there and there was no yardsale. There was a house, but no yardsale. Inconsiderate. I understand there could be extenuating circumstances - some family emergency or something. But if you have a yardsale advertised as rain or shine (and it's shining out), but you can't have the sale for one reason or another - the decent thing to do is put a sign up in the driveway apologizing for the inconvenience.

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zakary said...

OK, that isn't bad at all. I was expecting a blob of earwax!

That had to have been so uncomfortable in your ear.