Saturday, November 08, 2008

Clutter causes pain...

As I was getting my turkey roasting pan off a high shelf this week, a glass platter fell off the shelf and onto one of my naked toes. The glass platter then broke into a million pieces inside my washing machine. My washer and dryer sit in a utility closet and above that is a shelf that I store a bunch of crap on. I was standing on a chair next to the washing machine, and had one foot on the dryer as I was reaching for my turkey roaster. And the lid to the washing machine was open. At least it wasn't some glass platter that was expensive or had sentimental value. You never realize how much you use your toes to walk until one gets hurt. I am glad I still have some leftover expired super duper prescription strength Ibuprofen from some dental work.

No, I wasn't getting the turkey roaster down in preparation for Turkey Day, it's my pan of choice when making homemade Chex Mix in the oven. Even though we are having out of town guests this year for Thanksgiving, I will probably end up just buying a big turkey breast rather than a full bird. So I probably won't even use my industrial sized turkey roaster. And I think I will buy some stuffed ham - a local food which I am sure my guests have never had.

Then all this week I was searching for that stupid Penney's receipt from my most recent purchase. Since on every receipt is a code to input at to get an additional 15% coupon off your next purchase. The code expires after a week and time was running out. I found it just in the nick of time and was able to log in and print out a 15% off coupon yesterday. I am always mis-placing stuff.

Last night we took Jacob to Target to have his picture taken ($8.99 plus tax). I really liked the photographer who did it last year but this year, but yesterday's photographer was just so-so.

Before the pics, we stopped at Annmarie Garden - a local park & art gallery that was having a free open house and new exhibit unveiling. The exhibit is a collection of a type of needlework folk art done by British sailors in the 1800's called "Woolies". An example is on their website. Not at all what I expected when I read about it in the newspaper. I was expecting some primitive crudely made macrame or something but instead it was very detailed and beautiful handiwork.

Plus, the free open bar didn't hurt. Was not expecting that at all either - especially a free "serve yourself" open bar and plenty of snacky foods. I want to say Hors'd'duroves but don't feel like going to to check the spelling so I won't.

It rained this morning for yardsales but managed to find a few good things, like a Redmon basket for my collection ($4) and not one but two Vera Bradley handbags in mint condition - $5 for both. I do not like Vera Bradley anything so they will go on ebay.

Not much planned for this weekend. Good day to sit at home and watch tv. We have a DVR and record a lot of programs. New favorite show is The Mentalist. I also like Dexter, Amazing Race, How Clean is Your House?, Dirty Jobs.

p.s. cruise Bermuda pics still to come. Maybe Monday.


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...
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Anonymous said...

lwwow! i loved your basket collection story.

how's the walking going? remember, exercise is an energy maker not an energy taker! plus one sets a great example for kids!

do you think there are more yard sales in these tough economic times?

thanks for your inspiring words?