Monday, November 03, 2008

Cruise is over, so time to diet.

Oh...wait....I forgot about 75% off Halloween candy sales. How can I pass up .82 M&M's and the cute sugary chewy marshmallow guys that I like (for only .32)? Bought the DH a mega sized package of Mike & Ikes/Hot Tamales for .87 among some other stuff, like .89 packages of caramel Ghiradelli squares.

But I am stocked up on lean, healthy Perdue boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They are on sale at $1.99/lb but the store had attached coupons to each package worth an additional .75 off per package. Nope, not expired chicken, well within the Sell By date. Planning on having chicken tacos tomorrow night for dinner and will freeze most of the chicken.

Tonight we are having a 2lb package of macaroni & cheese and hotdogs/sausages. Long story. Today I went to Walgreens (candy was 75% off), then went to the old Food Lion (where I bought the chicken) and since the old Food Lion always has free samples at the deli, like cookies or cupcakes, I paused to see what they were giving out today (I ate a mini cupcake). The deli clerk said "Do you want to try our macaroni & cheese for free?" Heck yeah. She said the sell by date was coming up (11/4) so they were giving them out. Normal price is $5.99. Then I went to the new Food Lion (we have 2 Food Lions within 3 miles of each other) and saw they had the exact same macaroni & cheese on the shelf with the same date 11/4 but not free, $5.99. And their Perdue chicken didn't have any additional coupons attached.

Also stopped at CVS, but all their candy was only 50% off. Walgreens rocks.

Bermuda pictures still coming soon.....

p.s. My cell phone is driving me nuts. I think it freaked out at the time change and me being in a different time zone recently. And now the clock is 7 hours ahead of what it should be. Since I don't wear a watch, it's bugging me.

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