Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eat Nap Play (Yardsale)

Last fall a writer contacted me and interviewed me for a book she was writing calling Eat Nap Play (How to get even more out of your child's day for less). The book came out in the spring, but being the disorganized mess that I am, just recently remembered it and reminded the author she said she was going to send me a copy.

Well it came the other day and it looks like a fun book. Of course I haven't read it yet, only the pages I am on, not that I am narcissistic or anything.

I have a friend to unload some Coolwhip on, so I'll get some freezer space back soon. I started a diet the other day, I tried one of my Alli pills but too afraid of the "side effects" to take 3 a day like it says to do. But I'm really not on a bona-fide "diet", it's more like I am just cutting out eating those yummy bargain $2 Taco Bell meal deals and I stopped having ice cream for breakfast.

1 comment:

svelteSTUFF said...

You know... if you did a 'low carb' diet, COOL WHIP would be would be on the menu! (perfect substitute for ice-cream coming in with minimal carbs!!). Just a thought.