Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alli Diet Update

I'm slowly taking my Alli diet pills. Not taking 3 a day, too afraid of possible side effects, so I am starting off slow and taking 1 a day.

Today for lunch I had the above. Of course it's low calorie - there's chicken and lettuce in there! And I told them to hold the tomatoes in order to lessen the calories :) I'm on the Quiznos email list and they recently sent out a printable coupon for a $2.99 meal deal - small sub, chips and a soda all for $2.99 so I couldn't pass it up. If I was to buy just that small sub - without a coupon - it alone would have been $5.29! I'm a firm believer in signing up for email coupons from companies.

And I didn't open the Cheetos - I took them home for Jacob.

I also went to Staples to do their free backpack deal that's going on this week. You buy a backpack, send in the rebate (I do the rebates online) and they will send you a gift card for the amount you paid for the backpack. The backpack I got was a $48.74 backpack. I also bought the .01 ballpoint pens and the .01 packs of paper (after rebate).

I'm thinking of doing a yardsale this Saturday (at the Calvert County fairgrounds if anyone wants to buy my junk). So I gotta throw some stuff in the car for that within the next few days.

Note to the Message Board People - I know the board is down. No, I wasn't doing anything to it to cause it to mess up. If I doesn't automagically fix itself by tomorrow I will look further into it.

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