Friday, January 15, 2010

My Faux Hell's Kitchen Experience - Robert Hesse

I finally took pics off my cellphone so here's some pics of my faux Hell's Kitchen experience from last week. A local restaurant has a new chef - Robert Hesse, one of the contestants (not the winner, one of the losers) from the tv show Hell's Kitchen - pic above). And since I had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon, DH and I had lunch there last week. DH has flexible hours so we can often go out to lunch while Jacob is in school. Robert was not there - so he didn't get the incredible opportunity to meet me. His loss.

Appetizer - chicken spring roll thing. Appetizer cost more ($10.99) than my meal which was $9.99.

My $9.99 burger/onion rings. Mmmm - 3 types of onions - fried, grilled and raw.

The restaurant is called Catamarans. Before we ate lunch, I went to the website to see their new menu and see they haven't updated their website. sheesh. They've been having these big ads in the newspaper about the Hells Kitchen chef and their new menu etc, but they don't update their website???

If the restaurant sign looks familiar, I had spotlighted it in a previous post.

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Anonymous said...

thats cool, thanks for ht update, I always wondered what happened to the chefs after the show.