Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yardsale Weekend Update and a Stool Bus

Here's some of the stuff I bought yesterday. If you want to know the prices, I mentioned the prices in my Youtube video below. Some stuff I forgot to include (like a new Aveeno lotion/bath set $1, Minnesota Vikings keychain (.25) - I've already gift wrapped it for Jacob to give to DH next Sunday. DH already got the golf GPS, but this will be something for DH to open and gush over from Jacob.

For Jacob's last day of school, I took an unused mylar balloon (bought at a yardsale for .25) and had the grocery store florist fill it with helium for .50. Poor Whiskey dog got the ribbon tangled on his leg and was walking around with it.

And as I said yesterday, I scored free tickets to a demolition derby at Potomac Speedway thanks to Heather and T-bone at Star 98.3 It would have cost $45 for admission for the 3 of us if we had paid. It was fun to go to as a one time event, but I doubt we'd ever be regulars. I am not a car racing person but watching cars get smashed up for one evening was fun. Here's a pic of a Stool Bus.

and a short video of the Stool Bus in action

Video of my Saturday buys:

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