Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I brought Whiskey to school today

Today was the day Jacob's class had show and tell for pets so I brought Whiskey to school. He did great except for the part about taking a dump outside of the school afterward in a grassy area near the parking lot (yes, I scooped poop). At least he waited until afterward.

I brought him back home and then later went back and had lunch at the school. (I made myself one of my favorite sandwiches. Probably the best I ever invented - the delicious PB&J&F (peanut butter & jelly & Frito sandwich). It was either that or buy a Rib-B-Cue sandwich from the lunch line and I wasn't going to do that. The teacher told me a funny story - months ago when the school had "Grandparent's Day", she asked the kids what sorts of things do they take when they go to visit their grandparents. Jacob said Whiskey. (Ironically, Whiskey is not named after the fine beverage, it was because of his long whiskers/beard. And Whiskers sounded too much like a cat's name).

One of Jacob's classmates is partially deaf so he has a sign language interpreter with him. The interpreter told me today was a "first" for her. Teaching a child how to sign the word for "Whiskey".

All my pics from today are blurry since he wouldn't stand still.


There's the shirt I got with my $10 Penney's coupon. It will be a good back-to-school shirt for Jacob. Will also be a good golf shirt since DH is planning on taking Jacob out on the course again soon (most golf courses require a collared shirt be worn).

Here's my video from yesterday. I forgot to mention in the video that I also bought the little wooden folding snack tray for $2. It will make a good little check-out table for my next yardsale. And the condensed milk cookbook was .40

And I made a VERY low-tech video of the radio clip that ran on CNBC Radio last month (since in my previous link, you had to download it and I know I am always suspicious of downloading stuff so I guess others would be too). So instead, you can just hear it on Youtube now.

Will post the Washington Post article tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! Whiskey cutting class or corners? :)