Friday, March 06, 2009

Today was a very good day....

I got some amazing news today that I will blog about later in this post. I am so happy. I was worried about how I needed to go on a diet before my niece's fall wedding, but now, no diet for me! (more on that later in this newscast).

I did my two interviews and the one for the Vermont radio station I think came out pretty good overall (compared to other radio interviews I've done). Of course I guess I didn't need to say how much I love nuclear power but somehow I managed to work it into the conversation. Ugh. What usually happens in talking to people in real life, is that I have an uncanny ability of being able to turn any conversation into talking about yardsales. So today I get the chance to talk about yardsales and what do I do? I find a way to talk about my hometown of Clifton Park NY and nuclear power. Go figure.

Anyhow, if you are free on Monday at 12:30pm EST - you can listen to the interview from the link on the radio station website
In between interviews (the first one I did today is for Bottom Line Secrets print newsletter that comes out twice a month) - I went to Smile and bought a few things. A pair of dressy pants for me ($2), a book (.50), and a golf dice game $1 (probably for ebay).


And now for the information I received that will change my life. In today's local newspaper, one of the inserts/advertisements was for a local Chinese buffet restaurant that I've been to many times. Pictured above.

Looks like a typical Chinese take-out menu. But no!! They are now serving NO calorie food! I am so excited, just think, I am going to be able to eat so much shrimp, chicken and scallops to my heart's content and actually lose weight, because it has no calorie! I'll take seconds! (But I'll pass on the bean curd and Green Jade - whatever that is.)

I've already stamped and addressed an envelope to send it to Jay Leno's Headlines.

The front also made me laugh a little. It tells about how they've expanded their buffet and gives the restaurants info - complete with a wrong web address. And they also tell you their policy of: Party Over Six Would Be One Check Only!! Which warrants two exclamation points and "front page" coverage.

No yardsales tomorrow.


twins said...

I just found your site today and really like it. I even like it more now that I find out you are originally from Clifton Park, NY. I am born/raised/still here. I am not sure that is a good thing or bad.

Chris said...

Hi Twins - I got a TON of family in the clifton park/mechanicville area. If you drive to Mechanicville, you would see the childhood home of the Yardsalqueen.

It's a great place to live - I visit several times a year. You guys have some great garage sales there, but I think my thrifts are better.

Go Shen!!!

zakary said...

No Calorie! I'm moving there!

twins said...

My DH is from Mechanicville, so we could be related since half the town is related. LOL

Chris said...

Twins - email me at and I'll tell you my maiden name. My Dad was one of 13 kids.