Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrift Store News and Buys

This is what I bought yesterday. Except for the dog (he was a freebie and anyhow, I didn't get him yesterday).

.75 Goosebumps fabric
.25 old Passion Play souvenir program from Black Hills, SD
.25 Confederate Flag dish (maybe someone on ebay will want it)
.50 Ace Hardware new paint pad
$2 - old wooden curling iron (for my collection). Hard to see it since it blends in with the straps from the Nintendo DS backpack

Then at a different thrift I paid $3 and got:
Nintendo DS backpack. Will probably ebay (or else sell to Play N Trade)
Boy Scout shirt and necktie
Princess Cruise video from one of their cruises (original price $29 - on a cruise, there are videographers constantly filming the goings-on, and then they try to sell an overpriced video at the end of the vacation. So this video is the activities etc that took place on one particular Princess cruise. I got it since I am curious to see what it's really like on Princess. I've been on Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines but no Princess, which is hard to believe....

DVD Nicolas Cage The Weather Man
two baby books - one a current one from Jo Frost, the Supernanny (for ebay)
3 belt buckles, one from Olympia beer and two are military related

On the Talk/Chat box over there to the left, I recently heard about a new thrift will be opening in my county. They will be part of the Vintage Value stores that I go to (again, not to be confused with Value Village). When I was at VV yesterday, I asked about it and they said they would be opening at the end of June.

Well I better get going. Gotta drop of some BJ's Warehouse cupcakes to Jacob's school and also stop at Giant and get one of my birthday Mylar balloons inflated with helium. (I paid .29 for the mylar balloons - normally was $2.99 but I got them at 90% off). I did that at Valentine's day and the balloon lasted for at least 3 weeks.

p.s. For a while now, I had 29 Loyal Followers over there on the left. And today I see it went down to 28. Makes me wonder, did someone die? That's the only logical reason I can think of why someone would stop following my awesome slice of the internet.


Calla said...

oh my goodness i'm the biggest fan of goosebumps ever!!! I realllyyyyy want that fabric i would make some curtains or something, GAH! i want that fabric *sobs* lol

Michele said...

The only thing is, if someone died, how would they then remove themselves from your list? :)

Chris said...

Michele - well of course don't most people have it spelled out in their will about what to do with their internet profiles, email accounts and websites after they die? Along wiht a list of passwords to be opened "In the Event of My Demise".

Seriously though, I have thought of it. Need to come up with a back-up plan for YSQ in case I get run over by a truck crossing the street to get to a yardsale.

Chris said...

And Calla - I will be selling the fabric on ebay. I saw others there so I know it will sell for something. Will probably wait until September to list it, you know, before Halloween.