Monday, March 09, 2009

Taking Personal Responsibility

The last couple of days I was informed of two separate websites stealing content/tips from to use as their own (without asking prior permission and not crediting the originating website.

Oh no, the Yardsalequeen doesn't like that one bit. I have the ability to transform into the evil yardsalequeen full of wrath in .0002 seconds flat when some jerk comes along and takes advantage of my site that I've worked 13 years on.

I first started this website back in the fall of 1996. Yes you read that right, 1996. So when I see that my site has been victimized by losers, I fight back hard. The above picture was taken earlier today.

I wish I had kept better track of the early days of the website but if you look at the oldest entry on my Guestbook the earliest entry is from 4/1997. And I had the website months and months before I added the guestbook to it. I remember even deleting the earliest guestbook entries as I read them. oye. So that is why I say it was fall of 1996 when the site first started.

In both instances of content stealing, the individual tried to pass the blame. In case #1, the person said they had paid someone to do advertising for them and that person stole the tips and put them on a knowledge-based website and they were unaware of it.

In case #2, the website blamed the stolen content on "freelance editors" that they use and were unaware the tips were stolen. Passing the buck again. This one was particularly bad, because they were stealing content from many different websites covering a wide range of topics.

Apparently, these people didn't realize who they were dealing with. I raised a royal stink and got some satisfaction - both sites have removed the stolen content.

Good thing, or one of my next plans of attack (I have many...) was to sic my close and personal friend, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on them: (excuse the lack of fashion in the pic, again I purposely dressed as a commoner to blend in)

In other news, DH had the day off, so we took the bike for a ride in the 60 degree springlike weather. And by bike, I mean this:

I think we will be doing some economy stimulating soon. Dh thinks it's time to replace his 11 year old truck (with a whopping 50,000 miles on it) for a new model. We test drove a 2009 Dodge Ram today that was real nice for $21,000 (or less). Since we are "savers" we usually pay cash for our vehicles, but this deal has 0% financing for 3 years.


egg said...

good for you, fight back what's rightfully yours! you work hard on this and i appreciate all the wonderful stories here. and i'm glad they took it off too. keep up the good work!

Sonya said...

Way to go...that just blows my mind when it happens.

Anonymous said...

GOod Luck, that really sucks when someone trys to steal what you have worked so hard for.

Sandi and Jedd said...

I've always wondered how to haggle and get a good deal on a car... Do you have any tips? I HATE HATE HATE car shopping, but it's about time... Thanks, Sandi