Friday, March 20, 2009

This day in history (5 years ago) ...and the .50 Cake Topper Revisited

I know what I was doing exactly 5 years ago today. Dressing my cute little 3 (almost 4) year old boy in a suit and going to my brother's wedding. Then being relieved when he decided to take a nap right in the middle of the noisy reception (he had stopped taking naps months and months prior). Happy 5th year anniversary to them. But I better email them, since I'm pretty sure they don't read many blogs. Even really exciting, entertaining, witty and funny blogs.

And here is Jacob doing his Al Bundy impersonation (while his specially prepared meal of chicken tenders & fries get cold):

And so of course, 5 years ago I ate some wedding cake. Not just any wedding cake, a slice of a $500 wedding cake with a .50 yardsale cake topper on it. I used to have the cake topper story linked on the main page at but took the link off a long time ago. But thanks to my laziness, the page still exists for your viewing pleasure - .50 Cake Topper Story

This is the pic I wanted to post the other day but couldn't. It's Jacob's birthday PSP toy - all loaded up and ready to go. It gets the internet and at least one really cool website has been bookmarked. I have to keep reminding DH that it's going to be Jacob's toy, not his.


egg said...

love the al bundy impersonation! hahaha, thx for the laughs

Michele said...

Love the cake topper. I have the Minnie and Mickey Cake Knife and Server that match it. It's still in the box. I know I should sell it, but it's just so cute.

Regina said...

I had the same topper almost 12 years ago at my wedding. Paid way more than 50-cents as we bought ours at Disney. Congrats to the happy couple.

Kelly said...

For some reason I think I took that picture of Jacob lying on the chairs. Am I wrong?

Chris said...

Kelly, you may have taken a similar pic, but know this came from my files from all the pics I took that day. I also made the wedding photographer come over and take a pic.

Kelly said...

Yeah I think I took a similar picture then!