Thursday, March 05, 2009

Also in the news lately

Is the story about the woman who called 911 after being told her local McDonald's was out of McNuggets and couldn't get her money back - read the whole story here. The story mentioned the price of a 10 piece McNuggets is $3.49

Ok, here is where a lot of people can learn a McNugget lesson if you just think a little and do the math. If you want 10 McNuggets, buy THREE 4-piece from the dollar menu. (The majority of the McDonald's I've been to have a 4 piece on the dollar menu). And you will get 12 McNuggets and only pay $3. Not $3.49. You can always throw away the extra 2 McNuggets if you are on a strict 10 McNugget diet.

Today I took a lot of stuff to Play N Trade and got a $65 store credit. I took about a third of what I have to get rid of. I still have several Gameboy Color games and a lot of original Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Atari games to trade in. I am keeping our Super Nintendo and a few of the games that Jacob played. I have a lot of Super Nintendo games that Jacob never wanted to play - all bought at yardsales of course. Tonight I am going to list on eBay two Pokemon Gameboy items that I think will sell pretty good. I don't want to deal with listing all the old Atari and Nintendo stuff - too much work. If you don't sell on eBay, you don't realize all the work involved - taking pictures of the stuff, writing up the descriptions, packing up the stuff to mail, going to the Post Office, etc.

I thought we were going to get Jacob a Nintendo DS for his birthday but DH thinks a portable handheld PSP would be better for him. So whatever, doesn't really matter to me.

Tomorrow I have two phone interviews. The one I started earlier in the week and the second is a radio interview for station in Vermont. Thankfully, they are taping it, and then editing it so I don't sound like a total idiot. Radio interviews give me the willies. Especially when they are "live". The time I did a live radio interview with Heloise - the Heloise Hint's lady - I consumed an adult beverage beforehand to steel my nerves. Then forgot to tell people to visit


Kimberly said...

You always make me laugh.. I love that.. "if your on a strict 10 mcnugget diet"

I agree Ebay is a lot of work.. I hate listing stuff.. takes forrrreeevvveerrr..

Anonymous said...

That was so silly of that woman to call 911 INSAINE! How hard would it have been to ask for a refund?? I guess she could not figure that one out.

When I was listeing to the news here the other night they said a man called 911 weeks earlier to report a similar problem with a fast food place. Of course he was arrested for mis-use of 911 also. What is wrong with people?

Anissa.Lynette said...

The lady did ask for a refund and the cashier refused to give her one but instead wanted her to pick something off the menu in place of the Mcnuggets. Not that this warranted a call to 911 for any means, but McDonalds did acknowledge their mistake about not issuing a refund.

I'm guilty of not doing the math (I hate math and am terrible at it) but from now on, I will be ordering the 3 4pc nuggets.