Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thrift Buy on Wednesday

Doesn't this Made in the USA by Snow River Wood Products Over the Kitchen Sink cutting board look nice? Well it should since the average non-bargain shopping person would pay $34.99 plus shipping for it. I purchased the exact same thing yesterday (made by the same company etc). The difference is that mine cost $3 and is missing the bowl but I'm sure I can come up with a suitable replacement.

As I said before, I normally don't take Jacob thrift shopping but I had an hour to myself in the afternoon so I was able to hit Smile.

Here's my $3 Snow River Wood Products board (Jacob starting ripping the cellophane off)

p.s. I think you should buy one or more of the cutting boards from Amazon that I have linked above....$34.95 plus shipping for a quality cutting board is a steal. Have I mentioned I'm an affiliate ;) ?

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Goobian said...

That is a great cutting board! I think if I bought it without the bowl like you did I would just skip looking for a replacement because that would definitely be handy for chopping up and washing fruits and vegetables I would just rinse the fruits or veggies over the hole and then make a pile on the cutting board part. And one of my twin sinks has a garbage disposal so I think I would rarely put a bowl in there.