Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lots of Yardsales Today

There were a lot of yardsales today - I guess it was to make up for the total lack of yardsales last weekend (Fourth of July weekend).

It seemed today many people were trying to unload those decorative bottles with the fruit and oil jammed into them. I'm sure there is some sort of name for them. Saw them at several yardsales which I thought was an odd coincidence.

My DH bought a Playstation 3 a little while ago. The model that you can play old Playstation 2 games on. We've never had a gaming system before (no playstation, no Xbox's etc). Except for a Super Nintendo that Jacob plays on. Well I should say "used to play on". I think the Playstation 3 has put an end to his Super Nintendo playing ways. Anyhow, now I have something *new* to look for at yardsales - Playstation 2 games. I bought a Grand Theft Auto game today ($4). But I'm not looking for games to me to play - I don't get into playing games like that. I have enough things that I do that are time-wasters, I don't need to add another. If I want to waste some time playing a game, there's always brain dead Dots to play. But really, it's not a totally brain dead game.....I just kicked the computer's butt with a score of 45 to 4.

But my fav buy of the day was a Cosco folding 2-step step ladder. Sorta like the one pictured above. I was too lazy to take a pic of the one I got today. But it looks very similar. It was at a small yardsale and nothing was priced. I asked how much it was, and they said to make an offer. I offered $2 and they said yes.

Gotta get to cleaning. Having out of town guests here soon. Luckily, they are people who have seen my clutter before.


CrackWhore said...

Hi Chris, I just found your site and loved reading about all of your yard sale adventures..

I too love yard sales but haven't had the time to go lately (doing major home construction) but plan on having one myself here very soon, wish you could come!!

Love your blog, I'll make sure to come back often

MAM said...

So what's the going rate for "those decorative bottles with the fruit and oil jammed into them"? I need to know for when I get rid of mine. --Mary