Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cheap Meat

Here's the receipt for my .23 sliced turkey breast. I had stopped at Food Lion for something else (which I didn't find) but remembered I had a $2 off any sliced meat coupon that was going to expire on the 5th. Kinda funny how I got the coupon. You know how sometimes the cashier hands you coupons based on what you purchased? Well a lot of people don't even look at them, they just sometimes get tossed aside etc. Well a few weeks ago, in the cart someone had left a "save $2 off any deli meat" coupon in the cart I was using, so I used it. Then when I used it, the cash register spit out another coupon to save $2 off sliced deli meats. So that was the coupon I used last night. I saw that turkey breast was on sale for $3.99/a pound, so that would make it $2.00 for a half pound. So I told the deli worker to give me a hair over a half pound. Well I didn't literally want any hair with it, but you know what I mean.

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