Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekends are boring without yardsales

Pretty boring weekend here at the castle.

Didn't do much yesterday or today. Today we just went to Moe's Southwest Grill to eat. At a bargain price of course. I'm on their email mailing list too. Had a Buy 1 Get 1 Half off coupon that I printed from email. So the husband and I each had a Homewrecker. And for the boy, kid's meals are just $1.99 on Sundays. Before Christmas, Moes had a deal that if you bought a $20 Gift Card, you got a free $5 Gift Card that is only good until the end of Feb. So today I paid using the $5 GC and then paid the remainder using a small part of the $20 GC.

Since the Homewrecker burrito comes with guacamole and sour cream, I make sure we get it on the side. That way I can give my husband my sour cream and he can give me his guacamole. So we both end up with double of what we each like. But today he ended up with 3 sour creams (his own, mine and Jacob's. Since what Jacob got came with sour cream too. And Jacob doesn't eat sour cream. Good thing my husband's resolution this year was to lose weight - haha.

I only ate half of my burrito - I get it without a tortilla so its more like a taco salad and just eat it with the chips. It's really big enough for two meals for me. I ate half today and tomorrow I will put the rest on a tortilla (I always have a supply of flour tortillas on hand) for lunch tomorrow.

Had my first experience at Chipotle the other week. The food tasted fine, but I'm definitely more of a Moe's aficionado (and luckily, it's a lot closer to my home.) I didn't like the way Chipotle nickled and dimed you to death - extra for chips, extra for salsa, etc etc.

Did end up cleaning up my desk area some today. You know if you hold onto receipts and paperwork long enough, most of it can be trashed (recycled).

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