Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Yardsale of the Year

I went to the first yardsale of the year last Saturday - an indoor church yardsale. The above pic is of two of the items I bought. For .50 I got a Jaime Sommers (Bionic Woman) playset and also for .50 a Bling Car Kit. I saw where online the Bling kit sells for $24.95. Isn't that ridiculous!?!

I am kicking myself because I found an email telling me about a yardsale two weeks ago that I missed. Crap. A local hoity toidy retirement home is now doing yardsales about once a month but they aren't advertising it to the general public. They don't want a mob scene. So its mainly just for workers and friends of workers to attend. I know one of the workers. Will definitely get to the February sale.

There is still time to vote for my dog Whiskey to win a local contest for an Ugly Pet Award. He's currently being beat by a CAT! He would not like that. Please vote for Whiskey and rate his picture a "10*
Vote for Whiskey


Judy said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I voted for your Whiskey. I mean, how could I NOT vote for a dog with the name of Whiskey. Plus I really enjoy seeing your finds at rummage and yard sales. Hope you do well at the "unadvertised" one next month. Take care and good luck Whiskey!

Monica said...

I love that Bionic woman classroom , its great!!!! i voted for whiskey