Wednesday, January 30, 2008

$8 Dragon Hippy Beads and a paint job

I am in the midst of doing a mini-remodeling of my bathroom, but due to my lack of attention span I decided to take a break and fix up my son's bedroom a little. His wall has been bothering me for a while, he somehow got a piece of the paint chipped off the wall near his bed and he kept picking at it and picking at it until he managed to get a big swatch peeled off. I have no idea how long its been this bad, (time just seems to be flying by) but I finally got fed up looking at it and the other day I patched it up with drywall mud and today I painted it. The white spot on the wall is just glare from the camera flash. As the paint was drying, I put up a hippy bead curtain over his doorway. I bought the hippy door beads a few years ago at VV for $8. Kinda a neat surprise to see that there's an actual pattern to it, when it was all bundled up, I didn't know how it would look.

Tomorrow I want to paint the bathroom including the ceiling. I need to install the new towel bar (it's identical to the last one, but since its new, it looks a lot better. The old towel bar we put up when we first moved into the house and the wood has gotten all grungy looking over the years from the humidity of the bathroom. My new towel bar is one that I bought at a church yardsale for $2 in the fall, it is still new in the packaging. I also need to patch a piece of the linoleum on the bathroom floor but I won't do that tomorrow. The whole house needs new flooring so I will just patch it up for now. Also down the road a little, I want to get a new faucet since the crappy builder's faucet that came with the house doesn't show my cool blue faucet light at it's best.

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Haystack said...

At least Jacob was creative - it almost looks like he peeled off the paint to show the shadow of a bird.

Good luck with your remodeling projects!