Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping Bargains for the week - CVS and Staples

I got some great bargains at CVS this week. The top picture is the inside of my car, where it looked like a CVS store exploded. CVS had their Christmas stuff marked down to 90% off, so I went to 3 different CVS stores and spent $15.26 total.

I went to Staples twice this week and got a bunch of stuff, and using the $3 inkjet coupons that I have, didn't spend a dime. The cashiers sometimes look confused when you walk out with a bag of stuff and you didn't hand them any money. I definitely have a Sharpies stockpile now - they were on sale for $1 a package. I only took one picture of my buys, but I ended up with 10 packages of Sharpies.


Nicole said...

I am going to Staples with you...I can never find deals there!!! I have a $10.50 credit there for the business card disaster.... :)

Monica said...

whoa real sharpies for a dollar what a steal!!!

pianomomsicle said...

Is there really no sales tax?

Sammi said...

HaHa that you noticed no sales tax.I live in oregon we do not have any sales tax here either. It is very wierd going to like Calif. I always forget the tax and start to argue with the sales people about the price....until I remember : )
I am going to try Staples out more for sales! Thanks for the tips.