Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's the middle of winter, so it makes sense to buy a new patio umbrella

I forgot to mention this yesterday. I was at the grocery store and and saw a box with a sign on it near the customer service desk "Umbrella - last one $10". So I look at it and see it had a clearance sticker of $19.99 on it and the price sticker was dated Aug 2007. I asked one of the cashiers about it and they said they were cleaning out the stock room and came across it so they put it out for sale. It's an 8' wide green deck umbrella, that I'm guessing had an original price of $40 or higher.

Kinda strange to be buying a deck umbrella in the middle of January but a bargain is a bargain whenever it happens. And I know I won't be finding any big nice and new deck umbrellas that match our patio set for a yardsale for $10. We have one now but after a few years they tend to rip or break etc.

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