Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My thrift store buys today

Had a good day thrifting - here's part of what I bought (didn't photograph any of the clothes, bought myself a $1 Crazy Horse sweater, a boy scout uniform shirt (.50) and some vintage Izod shirts with the alligator (.35 each), a Tommy Bahama t-shirt for me (.35), and probably some other clothes but can't remember offhand.

My other buys:
$1.50 each - two black storage boxes (when I was at Staples today I see they sell for around $16.50 each)
$3 - tall funky Ikea lamp
.50 Saab repair book
$1 - brand new looking lifevest for Jacob
$3 - Piglet costume
.25 each - promo pirate banners
.50 set of travel curlers
.75 - set of Kids K'nex
.50 - new (I took the lid off for the pic so you can see the seal hasn't been broken) jar of Avon Planet Spa detoxifying body mask
.50 Candy Land electronic game. At that price, I can't pass it up, especially when they have batteries already in it.

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