Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Saturday, another yardsale

I had another yardsale today - so that makes it two Saturdays in a row. After having the highway yardsale last Saturday, I decided to check out having a yardsale at the local fairgrounds. Every Saturday the county fairgrounds turns into a combo flea market and yardsale, and they charge a $10 fee. I normally don't *shop* at it since it's a little out of the way for me and I prefer to go to regular yardsales at people's houses.

This past week I sorted thru my yardsale leftovers from last week and donated a bunch of stuff to Smile. Then yesterday I went around the house finding *new* stuff to add to my carload of stuff. I had left my table and yardsale supplies in my car from last week so I didn't have to unload and reload.

Today I made $112.One of the best things about today was that I didn't have to pay the $10 rental fee! The woman who collects the money came around and told everyone that because the weather wasn't that great this morning (it was overcast early on but turned sunny as the day wore on) and because they will be closed for the next three Saturdays due to the actual Fair going on, she didn't think it would be right (or fair - haha) to collect money this week. Works for me!

There is a dirt walkway that customers stroll down - people's space includes space on both sides of the walkway. Here's a pic of some of my junk - I liked the way I could see the hay bales in the distance.


ellinghouse said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. May I say, I think your pretty cool...yard sale queen...may I strive to be more like you!

EM said...

So does this mean you're making progress on cleaning out that playpen with two sales two weeks in a row?

Love you blog. You've inspired me to do more yard sale related posts over at my own blog.