Friday, September 14, 2007

Like jewelry?? Check out the ad on the left

Yesterday I found out about a place online that has pretty jewelry - and all you pay is $5.99 for shipping. One of the blue rings caught my eye and I was going to get it but I totally missed out - when you're on the website you can see the upcoming jewelry. And I saw the pretty blue ring but I misjudged the time. I will definitely get it - will have to watch for it again. And since they take Paypal it's will be convenient for me to pay. When I was in NY this summer, the stone came out of a ring that I bought in St. Croix - I can't remember the name of the stone but it looked like turquoise but it was bluer. I did save the silver band so maybe I can sell just the band to a silver dealer or something.

Actually with this jewelry, I'm thinking at that price, I may buy a few pieces to sell at a Parks & Recs yardsale that is planned for December. I could buy pieces for $5.99 and then mark it up to $10. I have a ton of fancy jewelry boxes (that I bought at a yardsale) so its something I'm going to think about doing.

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