Sunday, September 23, 2007

Junk, volunteering, and Gretchen Wilson

Here's pics of the junk I bought yesterday. One yardsale seller had a ton of older software at .25 a box. I bought a bunch of Playboy software thinking I can ebay it, and if it doesn't sell there, I know I'd be able to sell it at a yardsale for more. Sex sells baby. In the other pic are two Yankee Candles at $1.50 each, bottle of Liz Clairborne Realities .50, a couple of Pooh Brown Bag cookie molds .50 each, a Showbox photo frame $1 (for Jacob), .50 and .25 - two pieces of vintage Hull pottery, .50 each - two large storage bags.

Today I plan on doing some volunteering. I bet you didn't know that about me - that I volunteer. Oh yes, I believe in giving back to the community. I'm going to be bartender. There are so many thirsty people in the world that need my help - and I plan on helping them. The money raised will help benefit the Calvert Marine Museum in their educational programs etc, so basically you can say that I am helping to Save the Bay, one beer at a time. Please please - sit down, no need for the standing ovation.

My bartending skills (or lack thereof) will be during the Gretchen Wilson concert today that will be taking place at the Museum parking lot. I think I would rather be bartending than being packed in like a can of sardines. Here's a pic of a previous concert and how they set it up.

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