Friday, October 07, 2011

Ice Cream, Pretzels and Atlantic City

Here's a bunch of pictures from a mini-vacation we took way back in August. I think I have my computer working fine now (knock on wood). For our mini-vacay, we only spent 2 nights away but we crammed it full (just the way I like my life in general!) First day - drove to Pennsylvania (a couple of hours away) and stopped at the Turkey Hill Experience. Jacob loves Dutch Chocolate Turkey Hill ice cream so I figured we would make a quick stop. I didn't want to actually PAY to go thru the Experience (I read some bad reviews) so we just looked around in the part that was free, took some pics, ate some ice cream and bought a few souvenirs in their gift shop. I'm not going to pay $11.50 per person to go thru some fake manufactured touristy experience when a Ben & Jerry's tour only cost $3. And it's better ice cream. (I think I may be in Vermont later this month.)

Next stop was learning how to make pretzels (another one of Jacob's favorite foods) at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery.

Then we had some time before dinner so I'm like "let's go into Lancaster and find an Amish market or something". I should have done some research beforehand. Because we ended up instead finding the seedy part of downtown Lancaster - and there wasn't a single Amish in sight. Drove right passed the Lancaster jail (no, I didn't ask if they gave free tours). So we gave up on finding an Amish market and just went out to dinner and relaxed at the hotel pool in the evening. Here's Jacob pretending using a pay phone - no doubt there for the Amish to use.

Next day, we got up and drove to Atlantic City. As we were leaving the Lancaster area - we spotted the Amish places - guess what? They live outside the city on farms. Who would have thunk it?? It was about a 4 hour drive or so to mini Sin City. We checked into the Showboat Casino. DH headed for the craps table and Jacob and I took a walk to the Abescon Lighthouse

Bonus points if you can read Jacob's t-shirt. No fair googling it. The woman working the temporary tattoo parlor on the Atlantic City boardwalk knew what it said. The shirt came from the Salvation Army during one of my trips back home. I think I paid $1.99 for it (new, with the tag so I know what it says). Notice that yellow round thing on top of the lighthouse? After you climbed the bajillion steps to the top, you could walk around outside.

View from the top of the Abescon Lighthouse:

Outside of the Showboat Casino. The big casino being built next door is called Revel. It's not open yet - it looks amazing. I really liked the location of our hotel. I was glad it was close to walk to the lighthouse and semi-close to the amusement park area.

Jacob won 2 angry birds. I don't even want to know how much they cost.

This wasn't my first time to Atlantic City - I used to go with friends pretty frequently in my single days. But never rode one of those push carts. So Jacob and I did that in the evening - I had been so tired from walking all day. I didn't even mention the couple of hours I had to myself where I went shopping!

One store I found on the boardwalk was nothing but pure junk. I think I spent $10 there on various items. Of course I need some $1 umbrella hats and a $1 Atlantic City hat for Jacob and some expired energy drinks. I passed on these vintage bubbles - I remember these from my childhood! They were .25 each and were very goopy and gross.

Outside the Showboat.

On the last day of the mini-vacay, we woke up in Atlantic City and then drove down the coast of New Jersey, stopping in Margate City to see Lucy the Elephant

Then continued driving down to Cape May, NJ and saw their lighthouse. Did not climb. Climbing one was enough for this trip.

Then in Cape May, boarded the Cape May ferry. That took us to Lewes, Delaware and from there it was about another 4 or 5 hour drive home (to relax!).


Anonymous said...

I would not know how to google the t-shirt but now I am curious. What does it say?

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

Ok, since nobody guessed, I'll tell just you. The shirt says "Love".

reelrepair said...

Did you find any yard sales in Atlantic City haha. I love the boardwalk their, they did a good job.