Saturday, October 08, 2011

Still catching up: Washington Nationals, Miss Geico Racing and Junk

Still catching up on blogging about what I've been up to last few weeks. I got free tickets to a Washington Nationals game so we took the Metro into Washington. The Washington Post newspaper had a deal that if you sent in $100 worth of receipts from certain stores during a certain timeframe, you got 4 free tickets. So of course, all I had to do was go buy a $50 gift card to Walgreens and one to CVS (for me to use later), and ta-da I had a $100 in receipts.

I had been wanting to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl for a while now. And since DH saw it on the Food Network, he was all for it. I had a hamburger with chili on it and it was delish.

We had some time to kill before the game started so as luck would have it, there was a free event near the ballpark sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club. Jacob got his face painted and I won a Spanish radio station t-shirt.

At the ballpark. Jacob got his picture taken with the presidents (who are filthy dirty). This pic came out the best out of the presidential pics.

View from our seats. What's Jacob pointing at?

The pointy monument AKA Washington Monument. The clouds looked cloudy but it did not rain on us.

Another view from our seats:

Then the other weekend, there was some high speed boat races featuring Miss Geico Racing going on locally in Solomon's Island. An end of summer party was held at the local firehouse. Tickets were $15 a person (free for kids 12 and under). But of course, I managed to score one free ticket (a radio station had a live broadcast a while back so I stopped by) and got the one free ticket which I thought was sorta stingy but it all worked out. DH didn't really care to go anyway. So just Jacob and I went. And while there, I signed up to be a designated driver, so I drank my fill of free diet pepsi. Score!

Some of the crew from Miss Geico with Jacob and a woman who could be my twin. is not an official sponsor of Miss Geico, but if they were smart, they would add it. They have a Miss Geico Gecko boat, a Caveman boat but no Maxwell the Pig boat??? That is a travesty that should be rectified.

And for my junk - here's stuff I bought one Saturday a few weeks ago. I think the Pandora's Box from the 70's is neat. Stuff was cheap - most things were less than $1 and nothing was over $3.

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