Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recent (?) Media and Junk

Yea!!! I fixed my photo storage issue I was having on my computer. So hopefully I will be blogging more soon. Well pretty soon I hope. I'm getting ready to go to my high school reunion this weekend. Kinda hard to believe that it's been a few years since I graduated. Shenendehowa Class of "insert # here" Rules!!!!!

I've been trying to clean up my computer area (for the millionth time) and found these magazines where YSQ appeared in. I just haven't updated my media page in forever.

Nice to be in the Reader's Digest, since this magazine tends to stick around for years in doctor's offices etc.

I like being in Woman's World BUT since it's a weekly magazine, not much of a shelf life.

Who even knew that Pilot/Flying J gas stations had their own magazine? And that people pay for it??? That would explain all the trucker fan mail I received. Don't be mistaken, that is not me on the cover. I don't play guitar.

And now for the junk. Here is what I bought last weekend. Most expensive thing was the $3 new glass shelf. Everything else ranged from free - $2. (Christopher Radko Shiny Brite elves were .50 for the box)

And I paid $1 for the excellent plastic soaking clothes rack. But it didn't even come with directions. How am I supposed to assemble?

I guess it doesn't matter since the real reason why I bought it was because it creates a gentle and beautiful life. Can't beat that for a buck!

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