Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Current Dilemma, Part 2

I'm having problems with my computer's picture software - so no pics until I figure it out. (I think what is happening is that my hard-drive is so chockablock full that I'm unable to see thumbnail pictures and instead have to individually click on pictures by file name (such as DSC5847, DSC5848 and so on). And doing that is a major pain.

I love my new freezer. Now I am glad the old one broke. But I had to unload my entire shelving unit full of stockpiled pantry items - to move the shelf - so the new freezer would fit. Hypothetically speaking (of course), it's normal to have 8 cans of sweetened condensed milk, right?


Anonymous said...

8 cans is normal in my house. I use condensed milk to make pralines. :)

Anonymous said...

ha! my husband would have loved that! he had to go buy 2 at 3.00 a can tonight to make pumpkin pie!