Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How the hell

How the hell can this be September and me not have a single blog post to show for it??

My computer is dead. It better just be temporarily dead since I have years of pictures stored on it. I am using a laptop now - so I don't have access to pictures. I know you are waiting patiently to see my latest vacation pics. I am waiting to receive a new power supply for my computer.

I also have years of old (mostly unanswered - my bad) emails stored on my computer since I use Microsoft Outlook for my main comcast email account. So, if you emailed me within the past month or so and haven't heard back, you probably won't hear from me in a while. I can read current email thru the comcast website (but past emails are on my harddrive). I know I promised one tv producer guy I would do something (make a short video) and that has been put on hold until I get my regular computer working.

I have an update to the weird looking cat I saw in my yard a few weeks ago. Of course I am not 100% sure if it was the same weird cat or not. But if not, it was a twin. Rocky wasn't feeling good so the nice man at Animal Control took him away. He said he was going to a wonderful place called rainbow bridge where he'd get to play with other weird looking cats just like him. So I am happy about that. I will show more pictures of Rocky later when I get my computer fixed.

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