Thursday, July 28, 2011

quick update

I know I've been a bad blogger lately and I'll try to do better. So this will just be a quick blog post until I have more time to write. Since I last blogged, a few things happened. I had some critters in my yard. Pics to follow. I did a sleep test and was electroded all up from scull to legs. Oh yeah, that makes you sleep well. I even have myself a "Wellness Coach" now. I kid you not. Why? Why do I do anything? Cuz it's free thru our health insurance.

The people at the Nate Berkus tv show got in touch with me. Again. How annoying. Just kidding. I sleep on my Nate Berkus pillow every night. Well actually it is just Nate Berkus pillowcases (bought on clearance when Linen N Things went out of business, but still). Last year they called me of the blue about the possibility of being on one of their first episodes. I never mentioned it until now. Of course the taping was going to happen when we had our big Los Angeles/ Las Vegas / train trip from hell vacation. And they recently got in touch with me about possibly doing something at the Worlds Longest Yardsale weekend which will be the first weekend in August. The taping is of a decorating challenge - really not my thing. If they wanted me to teach someone how to clutter up a room in no time flat, then I'm your person. But to decorate a room so it looks like it didn't come from a yardsale? Eh - don't think I would be good at that. I would be buying more Jesus Playing Baseball artwork. Or if I was lucky, finding another piece of artwork known in the art world as The Kramer. Plus, I have a family thing scheduled for next weekend that can't be changed.

What else. Oh I bought something really cool today for a quarter. I'm going to be eating Virgin Mary toast soon! Again, I am too lazy to take a pic now, but I will show off my toast soon.

here's a pic of my little gardening cart that I purchased the other week for $5 and it will full of tools:

p.s. My peat moss is still waiting for it's deployment.

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