Monday, July 11, 2011

Drive-thru Tobacco Barn Yardsale

I drove right thru a barn last Saturday on purpose. It was to get to a yardsale. It was sorta like driving on a covered bridge, but there was no bridge. The seller had a "everything for $1 yardsale". I've been to their previous yardsales so I sorta knew what to expect regarding stuff (no antiques or fancy jewelry). But I did see something that looked like a crown so I had to buy it. It's like a big tacky crown shelf. But I realized that I was holding it upside down. So it's like a big tacky upside-down crown shelf. Anyhoo, I'm going to spray paint and hang it up anyway. Because I've been watching Nate Berkus, and I think this is what he means when rooms need architectural detail. Or not.

And at one of my thrifts, I took a chance on something and spent $15 on a motorcycle jacket. I think it will do pretty well on ebay. I also bought a singing McDonald's Filet-o-Fish for $1 - just because.

Here's pics of the tobacco barn (taken with my cellphone). Southern Maryland tobacco barns are on the endangered species list. Apparently, they are important and should be saved so that we can look at them and think about all the tobacco that was dried in there and made into cigarettes for people to smoke and get sick from.

lots of ventilation for the tobacco to dry

They converted one side of the barn to storage units for all their stuff. That's what I need.

My tacky crown shelf:


Deana said...

Oh I would love that drive! I love old barns. It is sad to me to see all of the new metal ones everywhere, & the beloved old wooden red's disappearing. Thanks for sharing.

Laurel said...

This is a cool concept. Thanks for posting it.


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