Friday, July 08, 2011

Ok, so I'm in Redbook Magazine this month (August 2011 issue)

but instead of putting me on the cover (as I assumed they would), they put Jada Pinkett Smith. But if you read the article (page 132) at least they used someone who looks like me in the photo on the right hand side of the page (a young, skinny, attractive woman wearing a red off-the-shoulder blouse). And get this, I made a big error. I paid $3.99 plus tax actual CASH for it at Walmart. What the heck was I thinking? I should have gone to Walgreens (and used Register Rewards) or CVS and used my Extracare Bucks to pay for it at least.

I know I never have gotten around (yet) to posting my yardsale buys from NY or last week. So here at least is a photo of the stuff I bought last Saturday.

I am kicking myself over not buying something last week at a yardsale. One seller had about a half dozen brand new basketballs for $1 each. Just one was orange (which I bought) and they others were a weird blue/black combination color. But still they were brand new etc. I should have bought all of them and donated the extras to my son's summer camp, where I'm sure they wouldn't have turned down a donation of new basketballs. So that just reinforces my new mantra "when in doubt, buy it - especially if it's cheap".

Too lazy to talk about all the stuff individually , so just click on it and enlarge to see detail. A lot of the stuff I bought at one sale where I bought a bag full of stuff (nothing priced) and the seller told me it was $5 for all. The dog scrapbook was the most expensive thing ($3) for ebay. The Yahtzee game was new and $2 (will keep). Big remote (.75) will go to my mom who needs a big remote.

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