Tuesday, May 04, 2010

2 Days, 2 Patty Melts

Yesterday I went to the mall. The mall that I hadn't been to since August, 2009. We just really don't need to go to a real mall very often anymore. Plus, its a 45 mile drive to get there.

Anyhow yesterday after shopping, I ate my free birthday meal from Red Robin (you get a free birthday burger every year after joining Red Robin's email club). My birthday is coming up soon. If you didn't get me anything yet, that's ok. My special day is still a few days away and I will accept belated gifts.

At Red Robin, I chose a Patty Melt since I do love a good patty melt. A Red Robin is being built nearby, so next year I won't need to travel that far for my free birthday burger. Then tonight we went to another email club party at Cheeseburger in Paradise When they re-do the menu, they throw a free get-together to try out sample sized portions of their new foods. We had sweet potato chips, boneless wings, pesto shrimp, two different salads, pretzel dipper things, and our choice of one of their new burgers. I choose the patty melt. That came full sized. I took most of it home.

And sometime before May 9 (cuz that's when the coupon expires) I gotta go to Moes and get my free birthday meal.

And did I mention I bought a 2 piece bathingsuit for myself? Yes I did. I thought my days of wearing a two-piece were over, but they aren't! Will take a pic of my new beach-wear and share later. I told my sister I bought a two-piece and she was shocked.

Well enough about me. Let's talk about what I bought at the yardsales last weekend. Here's a pic and video. Most expensive thing was the $5 Wii game.

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