Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Buys

This is what I bought today at CVS for $1.84 (plus I got a $4 Extra Care Bucks, plus will get an additional .25 Extra Care Bucks money for scanning my Green Bag Tag.) For my birthday, CVS sent me a free $3 to spend at CVS then today I got a $3 off a $15 purchase coupon. So the cashier deducted those first, then deducted the manufacturer's coupons, so that's how it got down to $1.84 Both Walgreens & CVS had a great deal with that Shick Razor this week - since there was a $5 coupon in the newspaper last Sunday. My mom mailed me her two $5 coupons so I used two at Walgreens and one at CVS. (Walgreens was the better deal but they ran out so I used my last coupon at CVS today).

At the thrift today I purchase (.25) an odd jigger glass from Dr. Seuss. Official When Hen from Seuss Navy / Esso. It will go up on ebay. I've been taking an ebay break for a while but I gotta get back into it soon.

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