Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Whiskey Dog Reincarnated

I saw a commercial today which had the spittin image of my beloved Whiskey Dog in it. I think the commercial is for State Farm (I took a pic of the TV). Here is the Whiskey dog lookalike actor dog:

And here is (was) my Whiskey dog below (his hair would get all crazy and long like the dog/actor above, but I would trim to make it more manageable).


Anonymous said...

I saw the dog a few days ago on the commercial and thought the very same thing! Susan C.

Anonymous said...

Yea.... what a sweet reminder of the lil'man. Sure miss him and cant believe it's coming up on 1 yr the 1st of July. RIP Whiskeyman!

W2ndMA :)

Anonymous said...

They could be brothers!