Friday, March 26, 2010

Kim in Florida won the Chicken Soup book

Hi - just a quick note to congratulate Kim in Florida who won the Chicken Soup for the Shoppers Soul, which picked her entry as the lucky winner. The book is already on its way to her. The thing she is looking for is Serta Sheep. That is one thing I look for too at yardsales - they are plushie counting sheep that people can buy at Serta Mattress stores - (for some reason I'm also thinking you get one free if you happen to buy a mattress but I could be wrong).

The sheep all have a different #, and each # is only available for a certain length of time. I was at one yardsale where I bought two number 13's - and sold them on ebay for $20+ each - in checking ebay now, they don't go as high. My mom mentioned she liked the sheep with braces (I guess she saw him in a commercial) and I was lucky enough to find the exact sheep at a yardsale one year. The sheep I am looking for is a huge one - the kind that sell for $75+ on ebay.

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