Saturday, March 20, 2010

It only took 12 years but...

I finally qualified to be an eBay PowerSeller. And I hit 2000 in my feedback. I joined ebay November 1998. I can't even remember when I hit 1,000. Seems so long ago that I don't even remember it.

Jacob and I went to Rita's Italian Ice for our free ice today (every year on the first day of spring they give out a freebie. I got the strawberry and Jacob got the Cotton Candy flavor. I think next time I will get the cotton candy. When DH drove by later, he said there was a long line so he didn't stop. I guess I just lucked out and hit it when there was no line.

Even tho its spring, here's an article from last month that appeared in the Washington Post. I mean, if you are so concerned about dog being stuck, wouldn't you try to go help it rather than calling animal control?

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JessicaC said...

Congrats!! I just got my power-seller invite yesterday. It is very exciting!