Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yardsale Results and Buys

Well my indoor yardsale wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - I made $155, mostly by selling .50 and $1 items. Got rid of a lot of stuff and I will donate some of the leftovers before the end of the year.

I like being able to shop at the other sellers at these sales. I bought this new birdfeeder for $3.

.10 for vintage Coleco baseball game
.25 small canoe planter
.25 bobblehead pen
.25 USS Alamo ashtray
.05 tape measure keychain

And the best of all - that beat up copy of The Jungle Book Sing Along Songs on VHS ($1). With Jacob's love of the Jungle Book, I spotted this video on eBay recently and almost bought it. I'm glad I waited a bit and found it myself.

I think that is one of the best feelings - finding something you've been wanting to buy, for cheap, at a yardsale. And that's why I like selling on ebay too, sometimes you get a nice email from the customer thanking you for selling the item - saying it was exactly what they wanted etc etc etc. Just got a nice feedback from a buyer who said I made a ton of Boy Scouts happy with the vintage Semaphore flags I had sold him.

Speaking of ebay, check out my Enema Man Superhero that I have currently listed (link over there to the left) you don't have one of those!

I also went to one garage sale that was open until 2pm - I bought a $3 printer which came with 4 used inkjet cartridges. Also bought a nice Bath & Body Works canvas tote bag for .75

I will e-recycle the printer and take the 4 cartridges to Staples and get $12 worth of credit.

Was going thru my pics and here's one of my huge HE Dryer (or washer?) that was in my house for like 10 minutes.

And more proof that I don't buy something just because it's on clearance. Here's a bunch of sale chicken livers.


Anonymous said...

Was that a picture of your booth or was it just a random photo? That doll in the chair is a Dressy Bessy and I had one when I was a child. I would LOVE to have another one. If she belongs to you and you still have her, please let me know. Also, if you ever come across a Ms. Beasley doll in your wanderings, I would love that too since I also had one of those as a child. Thanks so much and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Chris at said...

yes, that was my area with the Dressy Bessy (and I still have it - I will email you). She has some issues so I didn't want to put it on ebay.

I have bought a Mrs. Beasley once at a yardsale - and I was surprised to find her still there late in the morning. I sold that on ebay though - went to a boss who was buying it for her secretary who once mentioned she never had a Mrs. Beasley and always wanted one.

Muliebrity said...

have you ever purchased back the item you donated to thrif?