Thursday, December 03, 2009

December 1st came and went

I told DH I would have Jacob's room cleaned out and organized by December 1st. Around November 30th, I said I needed an extension due to extenuating circumstances. Our 19 year old dryer broke last week. And our 2 year old washer had something wrong with it too. So we bought super fancy Dryer #1 (and new fancy top loading washer) - and it was delivered the next day. It didn't fit so the delivery men took both back. Those high efficiency monstrosities are designed for someone with a laundry room, not a closet. But DH had checked the dimensions and thought they would fit. Wrong. Since the washing machine was out in the garage (I helped move it), DH saw what the problem was and fixed it in 2 minutes. Then back in the house it went. The next day, he goes to Lowes and buys Dryer #2 - and get this - doesn't measure the width, he only measured the depth. He buys it and brings it home himself. As the old broken dryer was sitting next to Dryer #2 in the garage, I could tell just by looking at it that Dryer #2 was wider. Yep, by two crucial inches. He thought they were all standard sized. We lug it into the house, and surprise surprise, it doesn't fit. Back to Lowes to return it and buy Dryer #3. Third time was the charm.

My 1990 house is not designed for modern day appliances. When we replaced our fridge, and wanted a stainless one, we had once choice that would fit and that's it. The cabinet above the fridge was too low.

Our washing machine and dryer sit in a big closet behind bi-fold doors in the kitchen. So there is just so much room for them. As you can imagine, I have a ton of stuff stored in that area which I had to remove for dryer #1 - which I knew would sit up higher. So I cleaned out all the stuff (except for top shelf) and figured I might as well spackle the holes, sand it and paint, so I did that too.

Anyhow, what I want to ask is, if you are a woman and reading this, how many times have you helped your DH or significant other lug washers and dryers out of your house? My husband thinks that women seem to do this all the time and I should just stop whining. I told him to ask his female coworkers how many times they've help lug washers and dryers out of their house and most likely their answer would be 0 or once at most. I lost count of how many times we did it last week. First to remove the broken dryer, then he tinkered with it, and then we moved it back in to see if it was fixed. Nope. So back out in the garage. Same with the washing machine etc etc. It was just constant back and forth it seemed. Buying new appliances, returning them etc etc etc. Glad I finally got a new dryer that fits and works. And get this, there is even a light inside the dryer. For the past 19 years I've had a dryer with dark enamel interior and no light. Now I have a dryer with a white interior and a light - it's a million times better.


I signed up to sell at an indoor yardsale this Saturday (you are all welcome to come buy my junk at the Southern Community Center in Lusby from 8am to noon). But I think it will be my least organized yardsale ever. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me pricing stuff, finding stuff to sell and loading up the car.


Diana said...

I never help my husband move heavy items! I was a little surprised when I read that you were helping your husband. So that's one point for you so far. :)

Donna in Warrenton, VA said...

I've never helped move a washer or dryer. I have helped move our extremely heavy TV several times. We now have a flat panel TV that I can lift by myself!!! Tell your husband you've gone above and beyond the call of duty for lugging appliances.

Nicole said...

I always do, because my husband refuses to call a friend or neighbor to help. He constantly yells "Bend you knees"..... I think it makes him feel better.:)

ZDub said...

Goodness, I would have not been a part of that at all. Because I would have been royally hacked about the second dryer. Of course, I probably would have purchased the second dryer myself because my husband manages to screw stuff like that up every single time!

Good luck with your sale.

lisa said...

Years ago, I used to help all the time. As I've grown older and wiser, not so much.


Anonymous said...

I help my husband out all the time. Together we have carried appliances, furniture, building supplies, etc. We moved 200 miles together and I am the one who loaded the uHaul because I am a better packer than he is.

I don't feel that I am too womanly to help him and it won't hurt me to do a little physical labor.

When I was young, my dad taught me how to change oil, brakes and tires on the car. He also taught me how to use power tools. There was no reason for me to be the "little helpless woman" should I find myself alone and in need of something. I am so thankful for that knowledge. I can and have used every power tool in my house.

Last year, we had to cut down a tree, so I climbed up with the chainsaw and began slicing limbs. With both of us working together we had the job done in half the time.

I have never been stuck and needing help! I don't see what the big deal is with women helping their men out. My husband helps me do things all the time as well - it's all about teamwork.

Otter Mom said...

I'm usually right in there helping, but I am married to an Engineer so he always measures and remeasures 3 or 4 times. And then a few more times just for fun!