Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mall Shopping

We spent last night at the free hotel - went swimming, I did some faux gambling (made about $8). The dock was deserted - what a difference a few weeks make. There were probably only about a dozen boats left. If you look way in the distance (click on the pic to enlarge it), you can see across the Chesapeake Bay to the eastern shore of Maryland. No easy way of getting there - except for a 3 hour drive, or by boat. This morning after eating the free breakfast and going for a quick swim in the indoor pool, we checked out and went to Annapolis. The hotel is located about half-way there, so we only had to drive about 25 miles to get there, as opposed to driving 45 miles from our house.

I'm on the mailing list for Victoria's Secret and the other week they sent out a coupon to save $10 off anything in the store. They had a lot of body sprays and stuff 50% off so I picked out a $22 one and paid $1.06 for it.

This shirt caught my eye at my thrift store the other day. Oye. It's so sophomoric.

Christmas is sneaking up too fast. I gotta get my tree up and some decorating done. After my current ebay auctions end, going to take a break and get back right into selling in early January.

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