Thursday, December 31, 2009

Now THIS is the last bloggy post for 2009

I am in New York living it up for New Years Eve. Yes, I am right in the middle of all the excitement that New York has to offer. Clifton Park, New York that is. Panera bread to be exact. Who needs liquor when you can have bread! Yum.


twins said...

Welcome to The Park. Love me some Panara Bread also. Wish the boys liked it there, If they did would be having that for dinner tonight. I am craving there Brocoli and Cheese soup. But going to have Venensia Pizza instead. YUMMY also.

Chris at said...

Hi Twins - The Park really needs to beef up its wifi locations. Oye. I got to Panera 7:50 last night and they closed at 8pm.

So...I run over to Wendy's since I saw they have free Wifi and thought they were open til Midnight. But they closed at 8pm too. But their drivethru was open til 9pm. So I figured I could just sit in my car and finish my emails. Nope, my laptop battery died, I thought for sure it was fully charged.