Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Pics - Saratoga NY - Maryland

This Saturday will be strange - no wedding to go to! I spent the last two Saturdays at weddings. The first one was in NY for my niece. After graduating college, she took a job at some little clinic in Minnesota. You've probably never heard of it......The Mayo Clinic. I hope working for some little clinic doesn't hurt her resume. Too bad she didn't take my advice and go to community college for liberal arts and hope for a job as a clerk-typist stuck in a cube somewhere. (I have a t-shirt that says "I have a Liberal Arts degree. Do you want fries with that?")

Yes, that is a Boston Red Sox Bride and NY Jets Wedding Cake Topper.

My food- shrimp and crab (and rum and coke)

On the polo grounds getting formal wedding pics done:

The day after the wedding, my cousins, sister and I visited The Yaddo Gardens

The Yaddo Mansion and my cousins who like to live life on the edge.

Swampy pond - with duck on log.

And last weekend was the wedding of my buddy Sharon. She was my first friend that I made when we moved here to Maryland.

Beautiful location on the beach

Maryland crab cake dinner. I swear the crab cakes were the size of tennis balls. I felt a little funny asking for a to-go box, but I did! They were huge.


Anonymous said...

All looks great.......especially those crab cakes ! :)

signed ........W2ndM :)

Chris at yardsalequeen.com said...

Hey, W2ndM - and they were yummy. The wedding was at Stoneys in Broomes Island. Jeff had the chicken - cuz if it swims or lives in water, he won't eat it.

ZDub said...

Those weddings looks so fun!

And I used to work weddings as a server. It's so not weird to ask for a to go box because you wouldn't believe what gets thrown away.

Monica said...

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