Saturday, September 05, 2009

My Stove / Oven Makeover Before and After Pics



I went and bought our new stove this week and Lowes delivered it the following day. They said it would be delivered between 9:30am and 1:30pm . And here's the mind-blowing part - they arrived at my house at 9:15! Has that ever happened before in the history of deliveries??? I think not.

The transformation is not complete because the stove vent thing is still the old almond color. We didn't buy a new one - I plan on just getting some black spray paint and painting it black. It's so nice having a new stove - even just the little improvements are great - like on my old stove (which was new when we bought the house in 1990), you can tell was a cheap builder's grade stove - the handle didn't even allow me to hang a dish towel off of it.

Today I was at a yardsale and I saw the seller had 2 old stoves for sale along with a bunch of other large appliances. I asked why they had so many and they said they just moved into the house recently and the old appliances came from storage they had at their old house. So that is why I don't consider myself an extreme hoarder, at least I don't save old stoves and refrigerators.

And speaking of not buying stuff, here is something I didn't buy at Smile this week. When I think about Vegas, a smiling turtle bank doesn't come to mind.

Here's my food lunch bargain of the week. It's about a half pound of cooked and spicy shrimp from the grocery store. It pays to look at the all those coupons that the cash register spits out at you. The other week I got one that said "Save $3 on any fresh seafood". And since I'm the only one in the house that eats seafood, I bought what I like. Shrimp was on sale for $6.99/pound so I asked for a half pound and they cooked it and spiced it for free. Sale price was $3.56 and minus the $3 coupon - I paid .56 for yummy lunch.

And here is the dress I bought earlier in the week. Original price $69.99 - on sale at 50% off so with taxes was around $38. The bottom part is all pleats. I like that I can either wear beige or black shoes with it. It looks better on, than just on a hanger. It's 2 pieces - I like the 3/4 length sleeves on the little jacket.

At Smile this week, I bought a like new motorcycle helmet for Jacob for only $20. It's exactly what he wanted - he just started riding the motorcycle this year (occasionally) and didn't have his own helmet (he didn't like mine since mine is a full-face helmet and I can understand where it would feel claustrophobic to someone who has never worn a motorcycle helmet before. This style of helmet is a 3/4 so there is more open space and not as claustrophobic feeling. And the fact that its the right size and the color matches the bike, is amazing. Plus the fact that its so like new clean, no funky odors or anything to make it seem used - really super clean. This helmet sells for $89 on this website plus just the clear face shield is a $20 accessory. Oh I see my new lime green soccer ball that I bought the other week in this pic.

I went to several yardsales today and bought some good stuff. Will do a separate post later with my buys. I may not be able to get to it until Tuesday.


Robin said...

Nice stove! I would never buy a used helmet, though. Even if it looks fine, it could be damaged on the inside and not work correctly if it is ever needed.

Suzy said...

I love your new stove too. My mom hauled one around from 1965 to 1977 (5 houses). Only used in the first house because the rest already had them. Finally put it in when remodeling the 1977 house (who puts in a 1965 electric stove when remodeling?) and it quit working. Hoarder!!

Kelly said...

I love your blog! That stove looks like our stove, a Magic Chef. Came with the house that was built in 1988. I hate it, we have those stupid metal burners though, not the wire ones...I don't know what those are called. I just knows it takes 30 minutes to boil some water. I love your pretty new stove though. :)