Monday, September 21, 2009

Just so you know I am not a total hoarder....

here is what I decluttered this week. I am able to get rid of stuff. A local company that recycles scrap metal and batteries came to my house and carted all this away for free. We had a total of 8 dead car / motorcycle batteries in our garage. And my DH thinks I am a hoarder. I'm not the one who wants to store useless batteries in the garage. Inside the box was a few more batteries plus a dead riding lawnmower engine. I got the kid's bike for free, but it would have been too much work to fix it.

While I was in NY, I managed to go to a few other garage sales. But when I say
"a few", what I really mean is "a lot". But I was good since I really only wanted to buy what would fit in my suitcases and not make it go over 50 lbs. Kudos to Southwest Airlines for allowing two free suitcases per passenger! At one sale I bought this chaise lounge for $5. I knew it wouldn't fit in my suitcase, but my brother (who is visiting soon) will bring it when they drive down here.

At a church sale, there were some 1976 vintage magazines for .10 each. The article titled "I make money from Garage Sale Antiques - so can you" caught my eye. I haven't read the whole article yet, but one of the tips was *interesting*. It said to show up very early at the yardsale-giver's house with a bunch of your stuff and offer it free to the seller. In exchange for giving them your free junk, see if they'll let you shop early.

If an earlybird did that to me, I would tell them to pack sand. And that I didn't want or need their junk.

The magazine, despite it's age, still has useful re-decorating ideas, like this - the bath beautiful. I bet it would be hard to find a matching green toilet and tub. My mom just remodeled one of her bathrooms and got rid of a blue toilet (but still has the blue tub).

Stay tuned for MORE David Cassidy garage sale pics. I heard from another customer who was at the sale earlier in the day than I was and also took pics.

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ZDub said...

I'm very proud of you for getting rid of that stuff.

You are not a hoarder. You are a "collector"!

P.S. I made $400 at my sale this week and it was a nightmare. Those garage sale people are ruthless.