Saturday, September 26, 2009

My $10 Wii and a Kidney Yardsale

Above is all the stuff I bought today. I had Jacob with me today, I probably would have bought more if I could have shopped alone. Yesterday when I said I didn't have many yardsales on my agenda for today, I had totally forgotten about a big indoor community yardsale that was going on today. But this morning I spotted the sign and remembered.

Best buy of the day (or perhaps $10 down the toilet) was a $10 Wii system. The seller said it was given to them and they already had one and that this model is a Japanese model so it needs an adapter to plug it in. I figured for $10 I will take a chance. I sorta looked in the box before buying, but didn't totally look in the box (it felt heavy and I could see the cords were all still wrapped). Well anyway, when I got home, I saw the controller is missing is so is the Sports game. The console looks spanking new though and has all the other paperwork etc so I am hoping we can buy the replacement parts and get it working for cheap. And our library loans out Wii games for free.

========= Update - after DH researched online about a Japanese Wii - he discovered that he would have to install some mod chip for it to play American Wii games. Which he can do since is handy with that kind of electronics. Even doing that tho, all the commands would still be in Japanese. But believe it or not, there are Japanese Wii websites where people have translated all the commands. Would also have to buy a controller, and a new electrical cord etc. So.....I think I am going to list it on ebay - I see others have sold in the $100 or higher range. So I think I will sell it and then use the money to buy a regular American version Wii (or put it towards my Botox fund).

Other buys:
$5 Little Tikes Spring Garden with 2 veggies & 1 mail. I will craiglist the garden and ebay the veggies/mail - those sell really well on ebay.
$1 nice canvas tote bag on wheels
free - plastic tool box (says .75 on it but the guy threw it in for free when I bought other stuff)
.50 - plastic bin with lid
$2 - Discovery Channel bowling set never used - price tag said was originally $29.99 (!!!) I paid $2 and planned on putting it away for Xmas for Jacob but he saw it and already played with it. I don't think the $2 was worth the 5 minutes he actually played with it.

$2 Atari Flashback game set (price tag says $3, but I offered $2)
.25 set of old tin holiday ashtrays or coasters
$2 Harley Davidson motorcycle helmet. I will resell.
.50 DVD for doggies
.50 two disk country music CD for me
$1 Clinique scrub
$3 Miracle by Lancome perfume
.50 small Estee Lauder pleasures perfume (perfect for traveling)
$1 new nightlight with fishes and the color changes
.50 new bottle of Slime (car tire repair)
$1 set of Rubic cube sheets (ebay)
$1 electric engraver
.25 hippy type sunglasses (hard to see but they are big)
$1 each two digital cameras with a display on the back. A lot of cheapy digital cameras don't have a display on the back. Will give one to Jacob for Xmas.
free - to the far right is a fairly big roll of new berber carpeting. In our garage we have some carpeting in one corner so if I ever clean the garage out (with all my boxes and junk), I could use this carpeting for it.

Here is one sale I couldn't get to (even tho its only like 10 miles away). I wonder if they had the yardsale police there to make sure the buyers remained serious and no tomfoolery was occurring. I wonder how much blackmarket kidneys cost? I doubt they come cheap.

I have a video of these purchases but haven't uploaded it to Youtube yet. I can't get my sound to work on my computer so I don't want to upload anything yet until I can hear what I am uploading.

To see what kind of stuff other people bought this week, check out the Rhoda at Southern Hospitality Blog

9/29 - on craiglist I sold the Little Tikes Spring Garden for $20 (without the veggies & mail which I will put on ebay)

Also, I think we are going to keep the Japanese Wii. Since I can't plug it in I feel funny putting it on ebay without being able to test it. Last thing I want is someone claiming that it doesn't work. So this way DH can have fun getting it to work.


Kammy said...

You rock - ten bucks is worth the gamble ! WII games for free loans at the library...I wonder if ours does that - very cool !

ThriftyAnnabella said...

You always get great finds.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Chris, looks like another fun week for you. Thanks for joining the party all summer & we will do it again in the spring.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds. Wishing you many bids for the WII. Can't beat $10 tho! You sure found a ton of good buys!

Carrie said...

Wish you lived close by! I'd take that garden off your hands for my 14 month old!

The McCrays said...

Great finds! Heck! Making 90 bucks on a Yard Sale route isn't too shabby! :) Great Job!

Wendy said...

You found a bunch of stuff! Good luck with the Wii!

Delightful Dwelling said...

Wow, I can't believe someone was selling a Wii for $10 even if it was the Japanese version. Sounds like it will be a great moneymaker on e-bay.

Lior said...

How do you manage to get deals so good? 95% of the garage sales I go to are junk. Can you give me some advice to find the good ones?

Chris at said...

Lior - There's no magic secret to finding good deals at yardsales. I just go to a lot of them every single weekend. It does help that the next neighborhood over from me has 3,000 single family homes so there are always yardsales every weekend and I don't need to travel far.

I go early, but not too early.

I do see a lot of junk at yardsales too, you just gotta keep plugging away at it.